What is the best mobile app to store Snapchat pictures? Find out below!

The Best App to Save Snapchat Photos

What app should I download to save Snaps?.

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As you probably know, Snapchat photos have been leaked before. Snapchat is a relatively new short term photo and video sharing service that is a first of its kind. They have ran into several problems with their app before and may continue to do so in the future. As such, there are vulnerabilities with their API that allows us to show the saved photos and videos of ANY user just by typing in their username. The lookup is completely anonymous and untraceable.

There have been several apps in the past that allow you to do that. Many of them were the source of the leaked photos and hacked accounts, and as a result, they were shut down or no longer work. However, there are still a few apps that will help you save Snapchat photos.

The best app to save pics or videos depends on your operating system. For Android, the top rated app is SaveMySnaps. It is updated frequently and is able to save, share and send Snapchats for you. When you save a Snap, you have an option to let the sending user know that you saved the photo but don't need to.

The top app for iOS is SnapBox. Similar to SaveMySnap, you login to your Snapchat account through that app and any snap you open, will automatically save and download the photo or video to your device. Then you can view the saved photos at any time offline.

So the best app to save Snapchat photos is one of those two options. However, you can also view and save snaps with our online Snap viewer. Just enter the username you want to look up and save any pictures they have stored.

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