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Search Usernames & Accounts to Download Photos

How to search Snapchat usernames and download photos.

Use UnlockSnapchat.com to search for account usernames and download their snaps!

Snapchat tries its best to protect all of its users' sensitive information - photos, videos, usernames and emails. But as we've seen, things have a way of getting out into the public. From the Snapchat megahack to the snappening.

With all of those security breaches, millions of Snapchat usernames have been leaked and posted online. You might have started to see an increase in spam snaps being sent out. In particular, there was the weightloss spam scam that has been sent to millions of Snapchat users and made major news headlines. As you can tell, Snapchat accounts are public (at least several million of them).

From all of this leaked data, we've created a database where you can search Snapchat usernames/accounts and download photos - completely free and anonymous. With Snapchat's API we are able to perform all of the actions of Snapchat straight from your browser. All you need to do is type in the name of the user you which to look up the username of and our database will present any matches. You can browse these and then select your friend.

With UnlockSnapchat, you can not only search Snapchat accounts, but also view, send and download any photos for any account. Using one of the vulnerabilities that were brought to light in the Snapchat hacks, we are able to access and provide you with saved snaps for most accounts, available for you to store on your computer, phone or tablet. Test it out!

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